After following the steps How do I get geoWidgets Activity Packs? (https://www.geowidgets.io/docs/geocortex-workflow-activities/getting-started/) using an on premise Portal for ArcGIS and reloading the on premise geocortex workflow designer, the activities are not displayed.

The browser log shows that a request to https://cdn.geowidgets.io/activitypacks/conversion/current/index.js.map was made, but a security exception is raised:

Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘https://cdn.geowidgets.io/activitypacks/conversion/current/index.js.map’ from origin ‘https://[mydomain]’ has been blocked by CORS policy: The value of the ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header in the response must not be the wildcard ‘*’ when the request’s credentials mode is ‘include’. The credentials mode of requests initiated by the XMLHttpRequest is controlled by the withCredentials attribute.

Could be that the workflow designer is at fault for passing cookies when it shouldn’t.

Have you encountered this issue before? Please advise if there is a solution.

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Asked on 2019-08-27 22:25
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geoWidgets hosts our Activity Packs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have found out that while we have a wildcard CORS exception it only supports hostnames to the subdomain level (e.g. https://www.geowidgets.com). If your hostname contains 4 or more parts (e.g. https://portal.gis.geowidgets.com or https://geowidgets.apps.geocortex.com) you will receive a CORS error and the geoWidgets Activity Packs will not load in the Geocortex Workflow Designer.

Solution: Please open a Support Ticket with us and send us the hostname(s) you need to be whitelisted. Once the hostname is added to our CDN and we refresh the cache, we will need you to delete your cache on your computer. In Google Chrome, this is done by opening the Developer's Console (F12) and then right-click on the Reload button and select "Empty Cache and Hard Reload".

If you have any other issues, please feel free to contact us.

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Answered on 2019-08-30 09:00