We received several Support Requests regarding customers not being able to load geoWidgets Activity packs into their Geocortex Workflow Designer when subscribed through ArcGIS Marketplace. After assisting several people, we identified the “issue/feature” that is blocking the ability to load third-party Workflow Activity Packs.

Currently, ArcGIS Marketplace items are not seen by Geocortex Workflow Designer outside of your specific organization name or id. We identified the issue and fix which has been forward to VertiGIS. We hope to see this resolve in future releases of Geocortex Workflow Designer.

The fix is to duplicate the ArcGIS Online item into your local organization. We understand this defeats the purpose of ArcGIS Marketplace but it is one of the “fun” things about being an early adopter of new technologies.

Workaround Instructions


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Asked on 2019-05-22 10:41