We developed geoWidgets Activity Packs for Geocortex Workflow to meet the needs of our clients projects. They are written to deal with generic tasks or specific objectives that were not, at the time or currently, available in Geocortex Workflow stock activities. Or we thought they would be neat to have. Many of the Activity Packs we developed were publicly available, if you knew the endpoint. We decided to share them with anyone who may want to use them or learn from them. We believe that knowledge should be shared.

These Activity Packs are provided as is and without support. However, if you see any issues with specific Activities or our example workflows, please contact us. Many of our sample workflows were written quickly and may not be fully tested. We would like them to be as useful as possible, whether you want to use the Activity Packs or just see how others write Geocortex Workflows. We post all our example workflows on ArcGIS Online. You can search for them using “geoWidgets Activity Pack Example“.

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