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geoSherpa for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® 

Unleash the full power of your Web GIS applications. Built for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, geoSherpa guides minimize onboarding and training by providing your users in-application assistance and tutorials.

geoSherpa guides deploy quickly with the geoSherpa WebApp Builder for ArcGIS® Widget. GeoSherpa can be used to highlight new functionality, lead your user to new or hidden features, and much more… 

Interactive Tours Guide Users through Common Web GIS Workflows

  • Easily create customized training for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
  • Simplify complex Web GIS processes, functionality, and workflows 
  • Engage users with interactive and video tutorials 

Onboard Your Teams Quickly 

  • Deliver simple, interactive tutorials to users of all skill levels 
  • Offer interactive, video, and text tutorials to empower all learning styles 
  • Eliminate GIS jargon. Speak your team’s language 
  • Support custom user and organizational workflows 
  • Reduce time spent on support and individual training 

Simple Setup for Administrators 

  • GeoSherpa Planner provides a WYSIWIG documentation environment allowing you to focus on the tutorials, not on code 
  • Craft a message that resonates with your users 
  • Create intuitive user experiences 
  • Develop and deploy interactive tutorials simply 

Save Time in WebApp Builder for ArcGIS®  

  • Reduce redundant support requests. Focus on critical issues 
  • Shorten training and onboarding timelines. Get users up to speed quickly 
  • Eliminate change management headaches by sharing geoSherpa Guides with multiple users at once 
  • Realize significant time savings that outweigh low subscription cost 
  • Maximize your ArcGIS® Enterprise investment 
  • No per-user or site fees. One subscription for all your Web GIS applications and users. 
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