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for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS 

Unleash the full power of your Web GIS applications. Built for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, geoSherpa guides minimize onboarding and training by providing your users in-application assistance and tutorials.

geoSherpa guides deploy quickly with the geoSherpa WebApp Builder for ArcGIS® Widget. GeoSherpa can be used to highlight new functionality, lead your user to new or hidden features, and much more… 

Interactive Tours Guide Users through Common Web GIS Workflows

  • Easily create customized training for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
  • Simplify complex Web GIS processes, functionality, and workflows 
  • Engage users with interactive and video tutorials 

Onboard Your Teams Quickly 

  • Deliver simple, interactive tutorials to users of all skill levels 
  • Offer interactive, video, and text tutorials to empower all learning styles 
  • Eliminate GIS jargon. Speak your team’s language 
  • Support custom user and organizational workflows 
  • Reduce time spent on support and individual training 

Simple Setup for Administrators 

  • GeoSherpa Planner provides a WYSIWIG documentation environment allowing you to focus on the tutorials, not on code 
  • Craft a message that resonates with your users 
  • Create intuitive user experiences 
  • Develop and deploy interactive tutorials simply 

Save Time in WebApp Builder for ArcGIS®  

  • Reduce redundant support requests. Focus on critical issues 
  • Shorten training and onboarding timelines. Get users up to speed quickly 
  • Eliminate change management headaches by sharing geoSherpa Guides with multiple users at once 
  • Realize significant time savings that outweigh low subscription cost 
  • Maximize your ArcGIS® Enterprise investment 
  • No per-user or site fees. One subscription for all your Web GIS applications and users.