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2020.06.02 – geoProspector Initial Release

Initial Release - 2 June 2020

geoWidgets is pleased to announce the release of its newest product, geoProspector. The geoProspector ArcGIS Pro Add-in downloads geospatial data from ArcGIS REST Map Services when Feature Services do not exist. With geoProspector, GIS professionals have a tool that simplifies the complexity of identifying, downloading, and displaying Map Service features in an easy-to-use ArcGIS Pro Add-in.

“The objective of geoProspector is based in Esri’s Open Vision of ‘creating connections within and across organizations.’” says Tom Neer, Principal at geoWidgets. “We commonly develop scripts to assist organizations in accessing and sharing GIS data for our clients. geoProspector fills a gap when organizations only use ArcGIS Map Services to host their GIS data and simplifies access to those Map Services directly in ArcGIS Pro®.”

Before geoProspector, GIS professionals had to use a variety of scripting languages and a complex, multi-step process to download the data. geoProspector simplifies accessing the data stored in ArcGIS Map Services with a simple ArcGIS Pro add-in. With geoProspector, you add an ArcGIS Map Service URL, define the output File Geodatabase, and download the data in minutes.

geoProspector provides GIS professionals with the following benefits:

  • No Coding Required: Built for ArcGIS Pro, geoProspector does not require any developer or special IT requests to use.
  • Saves Time: Eliminate the complex and lengthy process to acquire and manipulate data from ArcGIS Map Services.
  • Provides Easy Access to Data: geoProspector simplifies accessing all the data stored in ArcGIS Map Services, all from ArcGIS Pro.
  • Flexible & Configurable: geoProspector provides the ability to specify Object IDs, define query statements, set input geometry, and spatial relationships for the input to refine the data.

geoProspector is available now on the ArcGIS Marketplace. Organizational subscriptions are $99/year and can be downloaded and installed immediately. Individual subscriptions are targeted for July 2020.  To learn more about geoProspector, visit www.geowidgets.io/products/geoprospector.