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geoSherpa Planner – Creating Videos

Video Manager

1. Videos Tab

To switch to the Videos Manager, click on the Videos tab.

2. Add Video

Click the + button to open the New Video dialog. You can click on videos to preview and click and drag to reorder the videos.

3. Video Preview

The Video Preview will display the currently selected video.

4. Delete All Videos

You can delete all videos.

4. Delete Videos

Click the next to a video to delete that one video.

geoSherpa Planner Videos

Adding Videos

1. Search Video

Type in a name of a video or specific id to search the Video Provider selection. A list of potential options will be displayed. Click on the one you wish to use.

2. Video Provider

Select between YouTube and Vimeo. 

3. Video Title

Enter the title of the video as you want it to be displayed in geoSherpa. The default is the title of the video selected.

4. Preview

The preview provides a live preview of the video you have selected.

5. Cancel

Click the Cancel button to close the New Video dialog without saving.

6. OK

Click the OK button to save the contents of the New Video dialog and close the dialog.