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2019.09.06 – geoSherpa Update

Release Update - 6 September 2019

New Features:

  • Multi-Language Support – geoSherpa Planner now supports Guides for multiple languages and detects the browser language to switch to the appropriate Guide, if it exists.


  • geoSherpa Panel Options – Added additional geoSherpa Panel options within geoSherpa Planner (e.g. panel location, cache options, and initial Panel visibility).
  • geoSherpa Panel Menu – Added a menu to the geoSherpa Panel that allows end users to manually switch languages.
  • geoSherpa Panel Search – Improved the search functionality of the geoSherpa Panel.


  • Planner Step Element Retarget– Resolved issue in geoSherpa Planner where the re-targeted Step Element is not saved.
  • Planner Update Changes – Resolved issue in geoSherpa Planner when edits are saved they are not immediately visible in geoSherpa Planner.
  • Aero Fixes – Fixed issue in geoSherpa Planner when minimize/maximizing the application not working correctly in Windows 10 and other full screen resize issues on hi-resolution displays.

Known Issues:

  • Targeting [SELECT] Elements – Targeting of HTML <SELECT> child elements (e.g. <OPTIONS) is not currently possible due to how Chrome draws this element. We are working on a fix. We recommend using On Mouse Up for now.