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Installing the geoSherpa Widget for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

geoSherpa is provided with a Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Widget, so that you do not have to do any custom programming. This documentation assumes that you have already downloaded and installed Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition). If not, here are some links from Esri to get you setup:

Custom Web AppBuilder Widgets are only supported in Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) and Web AppBuilder in Portal. You cannot use geoSherpa in the ArcGIS Online edition of Web AppBuilder, because ArcGIS Online does not support custom widgets.

Install geoSherpa Widget in Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition)

  1. The geoSherpa Widget for ArcGIS WebAppBuilder is located in the DeploymentPackages folder in the geoSherpa Planner. If you used the default installation location, it will be located a
    C:\Program Files\geoSherpa Planner\DeploymentPackages\WebAppBuilderforArcGIS\
  2. Locate your your Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) installation
  3. Navigate within the Web AppBuilder folder structure to
    \WebAppBuilderForArcGIS\client\stemapp\widgets\ folder
  4. Copy the decompressed geoSherpa widget folder to Web AppBuilder widgets folder.
  5. Start Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS