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2019.06.04 – geoSherpa Open Beta Release

geoSherpa Open Beta - 4 June 2019

Known Issues:

  • Deleting a Tour Step in List View does not update Dialog View
  • Inserting images using the Editor button, insert at the zero-index of the Content Editor
  • The advanced image editor does not save settings as HTML (Workaround: Edit HTML directly)
  • Vimeo videos display “Player Error” in geoSherpa Planner. 
  • “Last Update” is not updating on Guides Overview page

Features Not Implemented:

  • Licensing is user-based in the Beta. It will be organizational-based in the release version.
  • geoSherpa Widget Error and Usage Reporting
  • Setting geoSherpa Module Initialization Parameters control in the geoSherpa Widget and Deployment Tool for Geocortex